AEM Race Car Sensors, Connectors, & Accessories

Sensors, Connectors & Accessories

AEM’s performance sensors are the perfect choice when you want accurate measurements for your engine vitals when using a digital dash display, data logger, or standalone engine management system. AEM has absolute pressure sensors for manifold pressure (MAP), gauge pressure sensors for oil, fuel, transmission line, nitrous, and more, fluid temperature sensors for water, coolant, transmission temp, oil temp, and more, air temp sensors, Bosch 4.2 and 4.9LSU wideband replacement sensors, K-Type and RTD type temperature sensors for exhaust gas temps (EGT), disc brake temps and more, Flex Fuel ethanol content sensors (E85), DTM-style connector kits, trim position switches, and other AEM connectors and transducers to help you get the data you need.

Map/Pressure Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Wideband Sensors, Bungs & Accessories
Exhaust Back Pressure
Sensor Installation Kit

Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensors -3/8" Barbed or -6 AN Fittings
DTM-Style Connector Kits

Boost Control Solenoid
12 Position Trim Pot
Micro-Relay Kit
Nissan Cam Angle Sensor Discs
Bosch Injector Plug & Pin Kit

CAN Bus Expansion Modules