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X-Series Digital

AEM X-Series Digital Performance Gauges provide precise readings for vital engine systems and are used by top racing teams and performance vehicle owners who want fast response and an easy-to-read display. X-Series Gauges allows users to monitor boost pressure, wideband air/fuel ratio (Lambda), oil pressure, fuel pressure, transmission temperature, oil temperature, coolant/water temperature, exhaust gas temperature (EGT), GPS-based speedometer, and voltage in standard or Metric display. The X-Series OBDII CAN gauge displays multiple engine channels by connecting to a vehicle’s OBDII port, the Tru-BoostX Gauge controls boost pressures up to 80 PSI, and the X-Series AEMnet gauge displays multiple channels over CAN bus from AEM controllers and devices. X-Series gauges have programmable alarm settings and include Peak/Recall functions, and an auto-dimming photocell. When visibility, accuracy, and response matter, trust AEM X-Series gauges.

X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge
X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR with OBDII Integration
Tru-BoostX Controller Gauge
X-Series Boost Pressure Gauge -30inHg~35psi / -1~2.5bar
X-Series Boost Pressure Gauge -30~60psi / -1~4bar
X-Series GPS Speed Gauge

X-Series OBDII Gauge

X-Series AEMnet Gauge

X-Series Oil Pressure Gauge 0~150psi / 0~10bar
X-Series Pressure Gauge 0~100psi / 0~7bar
X-Series Pressure Gauge 0~15psi
X-Series Temperature Gauge 100~300F / 40~150C
X-Series EGT Gauge 0~1800F / 0~1000C
X-Series Volt Gauge 8~18V