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Building AEM EV's Custom Tesla-Swapped Mustang

EV conversions are gaining popularity, and with no shortage of vintage iron out there, the possibilities are endless! But what if you want to drive your project daily, or compete with it at track events? That's typically where the limitations of electronic controls for EV conversions rear their head. That ends now, thanks to AEM EV.

In this video, engineer Nate Stewart details the build for the Testang, a 2007 Ford Mustang GT with a Tesla Base Drive LDU swap that was originally developed as a testbed and has evolved for duty at the dragstrip, the autocross course, and daily driving on the streets of southern California. This car is certified with the CA DMV as an electric vehicle and is 100% street legal. AEM EV’s Tesla Inverter Control Board acts as a VCU expansion device that replaces the stock Tesla ICB. Once connected to a VCU200 using the supplied communications harness, calibrators can program propulsion strategies and characterize inputs through the VCU using AEMcal software.

AEM EV’s LDU ICB was co-developed with Cascadia Motion, an industry leader in EV propulsion systems, to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability.

This system provides full control of the LDU for programming torque curves, torque limits, regenerative braking, accelerator pedal response, drive-mode switches, and much more. The Tesla LDU currently comes in two versions, Base and Sport. The Base unit is supported, and the Sport version will be supported soon. See the full part list for the Testang here:

Building AEM EV's Custom Tesla-Swapped Mustang Video